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PRC Ministry of Education

MOE List of Approved JV Schools

MOE Site for "foreign" (shewai) education matters

A general compendium of PRC laws on education:

教育法律手册 [法律出版社 2005 [Jiaoyu falu shouce(falu chubanshe 2005); Education Law Handbook (Law Press 2005)].

Available here from an online bookstore.

Article by Paul Mooney in Chronicle of Higher Education.

Educational Development in China (2004), PRC Report to UNESCO here.

The China office of the Canadian province of Alberta has produced a brief report, available here about education in China and opportunities for foreign involvement. The report provides a basic introduction to the structure of the PRC education sector. (However, it misidentifies the JV School Rules as coming from the MOE; they are from the State Council)
An English translation of China's previous (and now out-dated) rules on foreign participation in education is here